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About Us

We are an independent design & development studio located in New Delhi, India.

With expertise in Game Development, we do all that it takes to build complete solutions for
Mobile, Web and AR/VR platforms, which covers UI & UX design, Game/App development & Server side development.
In practice, it also includes a lot of user research, learnings from our experiences & a highly skilled team.


We design games and gamified content for
multiple platforms.


We are experts at building fun and addictive experiences to
unlocking entirely new ways of engaging the audience.


Every single product is carefully worked on with skillful,
opiniated craftsmanship.


We help our partners create memorable and unique experiences
that are both well designed and solidly engineered.

Have a project in mind?
About Brooklyn


Each completed project makes us even more hungry. Hungry for more games, more apps,
more code and at least some more coffee. As a result we deliver a better user experience.













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We welcome you to contact us for more information
about any of our products or services.